About Us

We're dedicated to designing, building and scaling digital products fast.

We help startups and businesses with the exploration of new opportunities within the digital space - delivering an end-to-end design and development service.

Founded in 2012, we have a wealth of experience, having built more than 100 digital products with well-known startups and brands.

We aim to provide strategic guidance coupled with design and development expertise to help our clients build the best app possible.

We don't tie our clients into any sort of contract, we find the agile way of working has many benefits when it comes to flexibility.

  • “We wanted to democratize music making. It was really important for us to have both versions of the app available as soon as possible.”
    Abbey Road Studios
    Dom Dronska, Creative Tech-Digital Lead
  • “We knew that this app needed to be rock solid both in terms of performance and visual fidelity, and really represent the amazing experience that the Hamilton show itself provides.”
    Jessica Wagner, Manager
  • “Getting started with Flutter was truly awesome. The huge power and productivity you get with instant stateful Hot Reload was mind-blowing.”
    Jacob Kristensen, Co-Founder