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Usually, we're meant to put something like Mappfia is the world's leading mobile app development agency in London, and we combine intricate functionality with world-class design to give you exceptional results.

The majority of the time these claims are baseless and you'll find dozens of companies who currently claim to be the world's leading mobile app developer.

If you do want to check out one of our client's apps take a look at Podomatic Podcast Player - it isn't doing so badly.

We do however, have iOS and Android developers who can take your concept and build it into a slick mobile app.

About Us

Mappfia is primarily a mobile app development agency focusing on native iOS and Android development.

We also provide consultancy and other core services to our clients all over the world.

mobile app development london

We aim to provide strategic guidance coupled with design and development expertise to help our clients build the best app possible.

Our team of designers and developers serve clients through various locations in the UK, primarily Bristol, Bath and London.

We don't tie our clients into any sort of contract, we find the agile way of working has many benefits when it comes to flexibility.

iPhone App Development

Believe it or not, the Apple App Store launched way back in 2008, but it didn't have many of the features it has today.

As more and more features were introduced, app developers were able to use them to build more and more advanced mobile apps.

Each updated provided new opportunities for app developers who were always waiting eagerly.

We've always got our eye on the next big update and are always thinking of ways to implement them into the next app we build.

Android vs iOS

Even though iOS has smaller market share globally, the revenues are far from it. Revenues from the App Store are higher than the Google Play Store.

The App Store is said to generate between 80 to 90% of all revenues from apps.

There are always pros and cons of choosing one platform over another. If you're thinking about Android, then the primary language is Java. If you're thinking of iOS, the primary language is Swift.

Swift was introduced at Apple's 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference and is used to build mobile apps that run lightning fast.

React Native

When it comes to building your app, one of the most important decisions you can make is what approach you want to take.

The approach you run with will ultimately determine how your users experience your app.

Right now there are two popular development approaches.

The first approach is Native app development. This is when your mobile app is built for a specific platform.

There are two major platforms that are dominating the market, Android and iOS.

If you wanted to build a Native Android app, you'd most likely use Android Studio and use Java and Kotlin as the languages.

If you wanted to build a Native iOS app, you'd be using Xcode and the languages would be Objective-C or Swift.

The second approach is React Native, an open source Framework from Facebook that works with both Android and iOS.

React Native brings concepts from web development into mobile app development.

The beauty of React Native is that you can use the same source code for both Android and iOS.

What is React Native?

Facebook released React Native back in 2015 as a solution to the time-consuming problem of having to build separate apps for both Android and iOS.

The solution relies on the JavaScript framework, primarily React, Facebook's JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

In this instance, the library is being used to target mobile platforms instead of web browsers.

React Native can help you build mobile applications that look and feel as if they are native.


The biggest advantage of React Native is that you don't have to build two separate applications. Most of the code can be shared between platforms allowing you to simultaneously build for both Android and iOS.

This can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Also, any changes that are made during development are showing straight away on the device you're testing with, this can make getting feedback much easier.


Although React Native supports most APIs, it doesn't support them all.

To help address this issue, Native Modules were introduced. These are written in the native language and then implemented into the rest of the source code.

This solution requires your developer to have knowledge of the native language.

This could be a problem for some developers as this was something they were trying to avoid in the first place by using React Native.

This can ultimately lead to project delays or poor quality work.

The React Native community is a lot smaller than the native community and will have less third party libraries to use.

To use a third party library your developer will need to use a Native Module.

When it comes to interacting with native features such as the camera, your developer will have to use a Native Module.

Another thing to note is that both Android and iOS have different design guidelines, this can result in additional code to ensure the guidelines are met and your app gets approved.

Popular Apps

React Native played a big part in the upgrade of Instagram's mobile app. The whole transition process was pretty smooth. React Native allowed developers to save a ton of time due to code sharing.

By porting their mobile app to React Native, Walmart reported they were able to improve the performance of their app for both Android and iOS whilst using fewer resources, in a much shorter time frame.

Other big brands and companies using React Native include Bloomberg, Skype, Tesla and Uber.

Development Cost

The cost to develop any given app will vary from project to project.

Each project is unique and our designers and developers will spend different amounts of time throughout the whole process.

For a detailed estimation of your project just give us a shout and we'll be happy to talk.


When building your app you must always think about the user experience. Without an enjoyable user experience, your app could be heading down a slippery slope.

React Native is a popular choice for startups and businesses who want to build, test and iterate ideas quickly.

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