Pixel-Perfect UI

We believe Flutter is the ideal platform for executing pixel-perfect designs.

But first, let's take a step back.

Right now, good design is expensive, especially on mobile.

It takes extra resources to execute, and what you get is rarely what you want.

The designer hands you something detailed and beautiful. But you push back on what makes it special.

Branded menu button? It's easier to use a stock icon.

Custom map bar? You could, but it's complex.

Custom tabs? You ran out of time.

You end up compromising on the details that make the experience remarkable and end up shipping something that's just good enough, that has the major features you need but none of the finesse.

But what gets us so excited about Flutter is that we can break that cycle.

You can ship the app you want, with detail and polish, and fewer of those painful compromises.

Flutter's architecture is designed for building beautiful, custom UI.

Flutter's main goal is to make building polished, custom app interfaces, a faster, more delightful experience for designers and developers.

It's built on Skia, the open-source graphics engine used by Adobe, Chrome, and Amazon Kindle.

It's animation and motion framework is more finely tuneable than anything we've ever seen on mobile.

Flutter is powerful enough to draw anything designers dream up.

  • “We wanted to democratize music making. It was really important for us to have both versions of the app available as soon as possible.”
    Abbey Road Studios
    Dom Dronska, Creative Tech-Digital Lead
  • “We knew that this app needed to be rock solid both in terms of performance and visual fidelity, and really represent the amazing experience that the Hamilton show itself provides.”
    Jessica Wagner, Manager
  • “Getting started with Flutter was truly awesome. The huge power and productivity you get with instant stateful Hot Reload was mind-blowing.”
    Jacob Kristensen, Co-Founder