How Asda Enhanced Their Mobile UX with a PWA is a leading UK clothing brand, part of Asda Walmart. After upgrading their site to a Progressive Web App (PWA), the brand saw a 31% increase in mobile conversion.

- 3.8x faster average page load time.
- 2x lower bounce rate.
- 31% increase in conversion rate.
- 20% more page views per visit.
- 28% longer average time on site for visits from the home screen.


With consumer expectations around the mobile shopping experience at an all-time high, Asda George realised they needed to revamp an outdated mobile solution and thereby improve the offer for customers. The team embraced a mobile-first approach, placing focus on design, speed and functionality to drive mobile conversion.

george pwa


The team recognised that to meet this challenge the business had to enhance the mobile experience by building a Progressive Web App.

By incrementally deploying the PWA, the Asda George team were able to realize the benefits immediately.

By implementing site wide HTTPS, Asda George now offers a more secure end-to-end shopping experience for customers, enabling modern browser capabilities, like Service Worker, and therefore allowing consumers to stay in touch with the brand whilst offline.

In addition, the brand implemented an “add to home screen” prompt, which resulted in an increase in customer time on site by 28%, truly creating a native app like experience on the web.